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For centuries, German porcelain meant traditional designs from old-school manufacturers such as Meissen or KPM. Hering Berlin has managed to bring an old craft into the present with timeless pieces that are as wonderful to touch as they are to look at.

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About 240km southwest of Berlin in the province of Thuringia is the village of ­Reichenbach, a dot on a porcelain producing route running from Bavaria through eastern Germany. Here, in an old factory with highly trained craftspeople, owner Stefanie Hering produces her eponymous line of crockery and other porcelain creations. “I transport old know-how into the 21st century,” says the jovial, matter-of-fact master potter and innovative businesswoman.

Hering, along with partner and fellow potter Wiebke Lehmann, established her first workshop in Ber…

The process

  1. Making cakes
    Bisque porcelain takes more than 80 stages to create. First step: raw mass is stirred in vats, then made into cakes and squeezed to remove air.

  2. Bisque effects
    After the forms have been spun, sponged and dried, a craftsperson paints on shellac before firing. This allows for the signature striped texture.

  3. The details
    In the factory's next hall, a three-person team glazes, dusts, and stamps the pieces before they are fired again.

  4. Patterns and finishing
    The decorative and finishing processes are done by hand.

The perfect pencil case

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