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Quick on the draw

— Japan


The CEO of Japan’s largest chain of entertainment stores is peculiarly sketchy on management – he never gives orders, positively encourages failure and doesn’t even have his own office – yet he’s particularly successful too.

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Muneaki Masuda isn’t in his seat for more than a few seconds before he fishes a pencil out of a case and starts sketching on a large sheet of paper. He writes “music”, “books” and “movies”, then “lifestyle” and draws lines connecting them. “This is what I’m going to talk about,” he says.

For Masuda, jotting down what’s on his mind is instinctive. He sketches during meetings and while giving speeches. He’s even been known to take notes while behind the wheel of his car. It’s as if Masuda – the founder and president of Culture Convenience Club (CCC…


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