December 2012 / January 2013

Top team: the 20 collaborators and collectives to call on for 2013. A Monocle special report on the producers, designers, politicos and entrepreneurs you’ll want to spar with for your next venture.

Culture / Media

Press gang

For a nation founded on the libertarian spirit, France’s media has traditionally kept a respectful distance when reporting on those in power. But recent high profile exposés are pushing the debate back into the spotlight…

Design / Travel

Travel Top 50 2012/2013

From an exceptionally helpful member of hotel staff to a great view from your room, every little thing counts towards making a pleasant travel experience truly great. We’re sticklers for detail and in this annual survey our…

Design / Fashion

Boarding school

Commercial flying is always that little bit more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by passengers who cut a neat and well accessorised dash down the aisle. Monocle settles in for a two-hour continental flight.


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