Weekend Agenda 18/19 April— Global


This weekend enjoy the best of international cinema at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, see art created from the ground up in São Paulo, and check out the new album by Australian electronic musician Chet Faker.

A view from the bridge, São Paulo, Tribeca Film Festival

17 April 2014


Tribeca Film Festival

The 13th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival is in full swing in Lower Manhattan, continuing its tradition of promoting independent films and filmmakers. This year a total of 89 features and 58 shorts from 40 countries will be screened. On Saturday, catch the world premiere of 5 to 7 by US writer/director Victor Levin. A young writer falls in love with an older diplomat’s wife in a classic tale of forbidden love starring US actor Anton Yelchin and French actress Bérénice Marlohe. For those looking for something with a more humorous touch, enjoy a short on Sunday by Latvia-born Anete Melece entitled The Kiosk – an animation about a newsagent who travels vicariously through magazines after eating too many sweets made her too big to exit her kiosk.

At various New York venues, see website for details. Until 27 April.


Street Collection by Zhanna Kadyrova

The medium is the message this weekend with the ongoing exhibition of Ukrainian mosaic artist Zhanna Kadyrova’s newest installation in São Paulo’s Baró Galeria. The award-winning Kadyrova continues to develop on her increasingly well-known tile installations – here working them into the elaborate form of vintage garments for her first Brazilian show. Using materials found during her explorations in downtown São Paulo, the destruction of the objects and then their reformation into elaborate patterns speaks of the very substances that make the street life beautiful.

Baró Galeria. Rua Barra Funda, 216 Santa Cecília. Open Tuesday to Friday, 11.00-19.00; Saturday, 11.00-18.00. Until 7 June.


A View from the Bridge

This spring, visionary theatre directory Ivo van Hove is taking on Arthur Miller’s 20th-century classic A View from the Bridge at the Young Vic. The two-hour long unbroken drama is led by English actor Mark Strong as the haunting, tragic protagonist Eddie Carbone. The cast also includes Nicola Walker, Luke Norris and a resounding performance by the young Phoebe Fox. From the pale, almost clinical set design to the barefooted-actors, everything about the production is minimalistic – apart from the acting. This is an unforgettable delivery of Miller’s tragedy that will leave you a little bit shaken. Brace yourself for a spectacular finale.

The Young Vic, 66 The Cut. Until 7 June.


Japanese Culture Journals

Tokyo’s D&Department – a local design practice – is on a mission to rediscover Japan’s 47 prefectures through the medium of print design. Its latest exhibition at D47 Museum in Shibuya showcases the best culture journals collected from each one of the prefectures. Themes cover everything from local crafts and history to travel and food culture. Some are self-published small publications while others are created by municipal governments and local small businesses. Don’t forget to check out the shop next door to pick some of the titles up.

D47Museum, 8F Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku. Open daily 11.00-20.00. Until 15 June.


Chet Faker: Built on Glass

Melbourne musician Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy) makes the kind of moody yet slightly blissed-out and polished kind of electronic soul records that are not a million miles away in sound from the likes of 1980s chart behemoths such as Hall and Oates and the even smoother artists from the era. But don’t let that put you off. There’s just enough invention on Built on Glass to keep Chet’s head above water (the tranquil waters of yacht rock, seemingly), and enough silly saxaphone solos to remind you that this kind of pining melancholy probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously in the cold light of day. But perfect for chilled out sounds in summer.

‘Built on Glass’ is available to buy now.

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