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304 3 May 2015

A matter of choice: 

Tom Edwards and Andrew Tuck meet philosopher Julian Baggini to discuss whether we have any control over free will, journalist and academic Brian Cathcart retraces the steps of the industry’s first scribes and Heidi Blake talks about the scandal of Qatar's journey to hosting the World Cup.

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303 26 Apr 2015

On a roll: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards meet photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson to discuss the young skateboarding girls of Kabul, hear about the history of swimming in the River Thames with writer Caitlin Davies and learn why there’s still plenty of gold to be had in the California hills with author Steve Boggan.

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302 19 Apr 2015

Creative Freedoms: 

Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards meet PEN International president John Ralston Saul to discuss freedom of expression, learn how to make films in one of the toughest environments on earth with Farida Pacha, and hear from art-rock icon Thurston Moore about his latest collaboration with Christian Marclay and The Vinyl Factory.

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301 12 Apr 2015

Drone logic: 

Tom Edwards and Andrew Tuck discuss drones with film-maker Tonje Hessen Schei, learn how to create a revolution with Srda Popovic and ask how you smuggle a live monkey in an overcoat with ex-customs officer Jon Frost.

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300 5 Apr 2015

Art’s voice: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards meet Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller to discuss the UK election, talk record-shop culture with Richard King and learn why the Japanese run with author Adharanand Finn.

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299 29 Mar 2015

Acting up: 

Robert Bound and Steve Bloomfield meet playwright Tom Morton-Smith to talk about explosive new play ‘Oppenheimer’, hear about the life of mercurial pop legend Lee Hazlewood with writer Wyndham Wallace and look at London's literary greats in the dead of night with Matthew Beaumont.

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298 22 Mar 2015

Jon Ronson on public shaming: 

Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards meet Jon Ronson to talk about public shaming, learn how Tony Blair makes his money with David Hencke and shoot for the moon with astronaut James F Reilly.

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297 15 Mar 2015

Into the nether: 

We discuss the darkly comic side of family life with ‘Force Majeure’ film director Ruben Östlund, talk to Norwegian journalist and author Åsne Seierstad about the build-up and aftermath of the Utøya massacre in 2011 and hear from American playwright Jennifer Haley about her new play ‘The Nether’.

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296 8 Mar 2015

Touch, photography and Monopoly: 

We celebrate the sense of touch with neuroscience professor David J Linden and go window shopping through the iron curtain with photographer David Hlynsky. Plus, writer Mary Pilon talks us through the real story of Monopoly; it’s not quite what you might expect.

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295 1 Mar 2015

Trading places: 

Dominick Tyler walks us through the lush photographic lexicon of the British landscape and writer Mark Gevisser discusses his memoir ‘Lost and Found in Johannesburg’. Plus, we hear about a new exhibition exploring the failures of modernism and urban regeneration.

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294 22 Feb 2015

Literary arts: 

Featuring Juliet Wilson-Bareau on ‘Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album', Oliver Kamm on his new book ‘Accidence Will Happen: The Non-Pedantic Guide to English Usage', and Dominic Dromgoole from Shakespeare’s Globe on ‘Globe to Globe Hamlet’.

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293 15 Feb 2015

Global snapshot : 

We report on a new exhibition highlighting forgotten images from Libya’s past, Ann Morgan introduces new book ‘Reading The World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer’ and a behind-the-scenes look at Studio 54.

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