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31519 Jul 2015

The modern dance: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards meet Sven Hansen-Løve, one of the minds behind a new film about the French dance-music scene, ‘Eden’. They also chat economics with a Nobel Prize-winner Alvin Roth and discuss Ballet Folklórico de México with the company’s director Salvador López López.

31412 Jul 2015

The sound of the underground: 

Steve Bloomfield and Tom Edwards talk to US author Stephen Witt about why the music industry imploded at the end of the 20th century, meet a farmer who is using London’s abandoned bomb shelters to grow food and chat with veteran journalist Tim Marshall about why maps define some of the world’s most complex conflicts and challenges.

3135 Jul 2015

Food for thought: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound get a new slant on art with Dana Arnold, learn how to make authentic New York pizza with chef Bruno di Fabio and find out why the Moog keyboard is still king of the disco (and the concert hall) with Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory.

31228 Jun 2015

Quality time: 

Robert Bound and Andrew Tuck meet Lisson Gallery owner Nicholas Logsdail and discover how art can enhance the quality of life in the spaces it inhabits. They also talk to the cast of War Horse about authentically horsing around and learn about the story of indigo from author Jenny Balfour-Paul.

31121 Jun 2015

Lighting the way: 

We meet Dr Matthew Green to find out about the untold history of London, hear from Austrian activist Christian Felber to learn how to create an economy for the common good and learn about one of Helsinki’s most valuable natural resources: light.

31014 Jun 2015

Forward momentum: 

We meet governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, to discuss cycling and the spinning wheels of US politics. We also talk to band Alabama Shakes about its recent successes and get tips for global financial trends with director of the McKinsey Global Institute, Richard Dobbs.

3097 Jun 2015

Rank and file: 

Robert Bound and Andrew Tuck meet Major General JC Lawrence to talk about the history of the Gurkhas. We also take a look at the Open City Documentary Festival with producer Chloe Trayner and filmmaker Katharine Round and discuss the fate of Syria with veteran reporter Charles Glass.

30831 May 2015

Brutalist beauty: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound scale prefab tower blocks in East Germany and discuss communist architecture with Owen Hatherley. Plus we hear from Mexican authors Laia Jufresa and Daniel Saldaña Paris as well as from bestselling author David Brooks about his new book ‘The Road to Character’.

30724 May 2015

Walk this way: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards talk it like they walk it with poet Simon Armitage, experience a musical epiphany or two with editor of ‘The Wire’ music magazine Tony Herrington and learn how to clone a mammoth with evolutionary molecular biologist Beth Shapiro.

30617 May 2015

Conflicts of interest: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards meet Syrian artist Sara Shamma to discuss how to interpret conflict, hear from Monocle correspondent Adam Lebor about his new espionage novel and learn about the indigenous history of Australia with British Museum curator Gaye Sculthorpe.

30510 May 2015

Changing sides: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet celebrated French film director François Ozon to discuss gender on the big screen, learn about the story of the Greenpeace Arctic Thirty protestors with Ben Stewart and ask how the chicken became such a familiar feathered friend with science journalist Andrew Lawler.

3043 May 2015

A matter of choice: 

Tom Edwards and Andrew Tuck meet philosopher Julian Baggini to discuss whether we have any control over free will, journalist and academic Brian Cathcart retraces the steps of the industry’s first scribes and Heidi Blake talks about the scandal of Qatar's journey to hosting the World Cup.

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