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The Monocle Guide To Better Living

For Monocle’s first ever book, the editorial team looks at one of their core themes - quality of life.


The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums

This book serves as a personal guide to Japan's museums of rich collections and excellent exhibitions in world-class galleries.

Winkreative Design Stories

Winkreative Design Stories is a journey through the history of our sister branding and design agency founded by Tyler Brûlé in 1998.

Designing News

Award-winning editorial and infographics designer Francesco Franchi conveys his vision for the future of the news and media industries.

Introducing: Culture Identities

Introducing: Culture Identities takes an inside look at graphic design’s main playground and proving ground—working for cultural institutions.

Monocle 24

× The Continental Shift

  • The Continental Shift is where our editors bring you three hours of curated music from Europe and beyond, with nu-disco from Oslo, jazzy soul from Stockholm and cutting-edge sounds from London.

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