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The Perfect Precinct

The latest addition to our print collection is illustrated by Mariko Yamazaki and sets out our blueprint for building a shopping precinct.

Map Of The World

The second edition of our popular world map print, from the skilled hand of Japanese illustrator Satoshi Hashimoto.

The Perfect Department Store

Korean illustrator Tomi Um has produced this interpretation of how our fantasy department store would look, function and feel.

The Perfect Train Station

Illustrated by Hey! Studios, this 24-hour train station would have everything.

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The Perfectly Serviced Hotel

Monocle's editors have seen a hotel or two; their manifesto for happier hostelry.

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The Cosy Index

Pointing to cities, products and services that are proof “cosy” is experiencing a comeback.

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The Perfect Community

Improve your immediate environment with Monocle's complete community print.

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The Perfect Mansion Block

Limited edition print illustrated by Gaku Nakagawa to celebrate the Quality of Life issue.

Monocle 24

× The Atlantic Shift

  • The Atlantic Shift plays four hours of the finest music from all over the world, handpicked for you by Monocle's editorial team. From Williamsburg to São Paulo, spend your day tuned to Monocle 24.

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