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The Entrepreneurs, 183

Wednesday 15 April

We discuss the global rice industry and management tips with Karan Chanana of The Amira Group, profile the future of cycling innovation with the inventor of the Freestep bike and the Winkreative team look at the business…



The Bulletin with UBS, 27

Sunday 12 April

Ahead of Q1 corporate earnings season, we explore why Eurozone companies are poised to outstrip their US counterparts for the first time in many years.



The Entrepreneurs, 182

Wednesday 8 April

Henrietta Lovell explains her journey with Rare Tea Company, restaurateur Martin Morales shares his top management tips and Jessi Baker introduces Provenance, a new platform for sharing the stories of products.



The Bulletin with UBS, 26

Sunday 5 April

What are the investment implications of the forthcoming general election in the United Kingdom? We mull the economic consequences of different outcomes, from fiscal-policy implications to potential market reactions.



The Entrepreneurs, 181

Wednesday 1 April

We meet Bob Kunze-Concewitz, chief executive of classic Italian spirits maker Gruppo Campari, who discusses the company's centuries-old heritage and successful acquisitions strategy. Plus: a family ceramics business in…


Business / Management

Seat of power

Thursday 26 March

As the battle for control of Japanese furniture company Otsuka Kagu reaches a climax, the family members at the heart of the feud represent a major issue facing corporate governance in Japan today says Monocle’s Fiona…

The travails of Otsuka Kagu, one of Japan’s biggest furniture retailers, have gripped the press here for months now. At the centre are two protagonists: the 71-year-old founder of the company, Katsuhisa Otsuka, and his 47…


The Entrepreneurs, 180

Wednesday 25 March

We meet the president of Detroit-based heritage brand Shinola, visit two European food startups - Frutomania in Kosovo and Foodscovery in Italy - and the Winkreative team discusses Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia.



The Entrepreneurs, 179

Wednesday 18 March

We profile a business success story in Havana and designer Yves Béhar discusses his involvement with Spring Accelerator, plus we meet Thierry Teyssier of La Pâtisserie Des Rêves and Hedvig Alexander of Far & Wide Collective…


Business / Food & Drink

The fast food and the furious

Tuesday 17 March

In the same way that Starbucks failed to conquer Australia, US chicken giant KFC looks set for a struggle to convince the Italians of its merits. And that should come as no surprise says Monocle’s Ben Rylan.

When Starbucks first opened its doors to unsuspecting Americans way back in 1971, it didn’t take long for its frothy brand of cappuccinos and sickly sweet lattes to take hold. Of course, “coffee” in the US had long been…

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