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Inking ahead

A national pride – or some might say obsession – with the handwritten has forged an industry exporting more than ever. With innovation showing no signs of letting up, we visited the sharpest tools in the pencil case.


The Entrepreneurs, 176

Wednesday 25 February

Tech innovator Kevin Ashton discusses the creative process and we investigate the resurgence of practical skills courses such as ‘shop class’ in the US. Plus, a piano maker in Austria, a clean-water tech start-up in Cali…



The Bulletin with UBS, 20

Sunday 22 February

With upwardly revised GDP figures, a buoyant equity market and strong currency performance, there's plenty of good news coming out of India. But are there reasons for caution and what are the challenges that lie ahead?



The Entrepreneurs, 175

Wednesday 18 February

We meet the founders of Cobra beer, Mahabis slippers and dating-app Hinge, visit the workshop of Tunisian eyewear brand Vakay, talk innovation with Mark Payne of Fahrenheit 212, and get the top five things you need to know…


Business / Craft

Making a point

February 2015

In a competitive world driven by technological advances, some artisan producers are staying resilient and challenging the mass-produced industry. Monocle films visits entrepreneurs in Istanbul, Cape Town and Mallorca who…


The Bulletin with UBS, 19

Sunday 15 February

Global political and financial instability has focused attention once more on gold as an alternative. But does it deliver? We look at the precious metal from mine to market.



The Entrepreneurs, 174

Wednesday 11 February

We visit an innovative urban farm in Missouri, talk boutique hotels with James Lohan of Mr and Mrs Smith, meet Tony Conrad of and Gautam Mishra of Inkl, get management tips from Martin Roth of London’s V and A…


Business / Environment

In the black?

Friday 6 February

Oil-rich Alberta in Canada has seen the market value of its black gold decrease in recent months. Monocle’s Christopher Frey thinks the province could learn from the Norwegians about how to better manage its money.

Not long ago, the place seemed awash with cash. But with oil prices more than halving over the past six months, Alberta, home of the controversial tar sands, is about to enter a period of severe bootstrapping.


Business / Fashion

Fashion police

Japanese clothing retailer Beams has its very own ‘internal affairs’ styling department, dedicated to helping shop staff find their personal look and inspire customers. It also believes in practising the perfect bow. This…


The Entrepreneurs, 173

Wednesday 4 February

Linda Hill explains her book Collective Genius, we test angling app FishBrain, visit a Dutch “hugging clinic”, meet Tom Farrand of Good For Nothing, and the Winkreative team discuss eyewear brand Moscot.


Business / Society

A lot of bottle

Tuesday 3 February

A recent study suggests that enjoying a good drop of wine is soon set to be more popular in the UK than in its famed wine-loving neighbour, France. Monocle’s Tom Edwards says cheers to that.

Recent data from leading wine exhibition and forum Vinexpo forecasts that the UK will overtake France to become the second-largest wine market in the world by value in 2018. The UK spend, according to the figures, will be…


The Bulletin with UBS, 17

Sunday 1 February

Analysis of the European Central Bank's new quantitative policy, from historical context to its likely impact across the Eurozone.


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