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There is a weight of passion, wit, intellect and fun to be found on Italy’s screens, in its speakers and in its print. Monocle delves into the quirks of the country’s news and entertainment, and finds the best of its lea…


Culture, 176

Monday 23 February

Karen Krizanovich recaps this year’s Oscars, we judge books by their covers at the Book Illustration Competition 2015, discover a video store that’s trying to digitise forgotten VHS tapes, investigate Hanoi’s forgotten ’60s…



The Stack, 130

Saturday 21 February

A look through the best of British with Anthony Teasdale, the editor of new Blighty-centric title 'Umbrella', and media commentator Rik Moran. Plus we assess SAS’s in-flight magazine offering.


Culture / Entertainment

Weekend Agenda

Friday 20 February

This week Midori House’s culture vultures have been enjoying everything from a quiet revolution in Russian society to Louise Bourgeois’s major art retrospective in Stockholm and pin-sharp political satire in London.


Culture / Society

All things to all ramen

Thursday 19 February

To outsiders, Japan’s language – much like the nation as a whole – is multilayered, rich and, at first, a little baffling. To help, Monocle’s Robert Bound leads us through some of the more flavourful expressions.

The new issue of Monocle hits newsstands today and its theme is Japan. There was one Japanese quality that we were unable to squeeze into the pages of our March number, however. The Japanese language is a tricky beast for…

Culture / Film

Grey matters

Wednesday 18 February

The supposedly global phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey has been a slow burn in Japan. Monocle’s Fiona Wilson is wondering why it has failed to whip up the crowds.

While the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey was busy destroying the competition at cinemas around the world, in Japan people were watching Big Hero 6, Disney’s film about an oversized inflatable robot and the top film…

Culture / Media

Old wives’ tale

Tuesday 17 February

The facts and fiction surrounding the UK’s most notorious monarch Henry VIII continue to hold the attention of the UK media. Monocle’s Tom Edwards wonders what’s so enduringly current about the 16th-century tyrant.

Though it might be old news to some, this week the press in London has been losing its head again over yet more stories about the Tudors. Yesterday it was the news that a celebrated portrait of Anne Boleyn – second wife of…


Culture, 175

Monday 16 February

We meet the editors and designers responsible for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Oscar nominations, in Toronto we see a play that's been an unlikely hit, and hear from a centre in Portland hoping to boost the city’s arts scene…


Culture / Media

Hard truths

Monday 16 February

US journalism lost two of its brightest talents last week amid a testing time for the industry. With more familiar faces soon set to leave the screen, Monocle’s Ed Stocker asks where the news might be headed next.

It’s been a tumultuous few days for American news. Even by the industry's big, bold and often brash standards it has been rough and in the cutthroat 24-hour news business, networks and individuals are sniffing blood.


The Stack, 129

Saturday 14 February

In an erotica-themed special edition of The Stack, Monocle creative director Rich Spencer Powell and 'It’s Nice That'’s Liv Siddall peruse the racier side of the racks. Plus, we hear from feminist journal 'Hysteria' and…


Culture / Entertainment

Weekend Agenda

Friday 13 February

This week’s cultural picks from Midori House range from top Australian film talent to an innovative take on floral photography – plus a look back at one of the 20th century’s literary greats, William Burroughs.

Culture / Technology

Free thinkers

Thursday 12 February

A new book about the cultural and commercial viability of the internet has struck a chord with Monocle editor Andrew Tuck, who says that the online journalism free-for-all comes with its own hidden price.

Last Sunday on The Monocle Weekly, me and Robert Bound interviewed Andrew Keen about his new book, The Internet Is Not The Answer. It’s a very good read. And he was a very good guest – so good indeed that we have now per…


Culture, 174

Monday 9 February

A visit to Pace Gallery’s wonderful new show about notorious 1960s art dealer Robert Fraser, we hear from artist John Gerrard about the physical side of the internet, head to Festival sur le Niger music festival in Mali and…


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