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Attention seekers

From organically growing their first ventures to exploring new horizons, crafty entrepreneurs know it’s the small touches that make their businesses stand out – whether they are making spectacles in London or tableware in…


The Menu, 176

Friday 27 February

Swiss Guard and cookbook-author David Geisser on what different Popes and his fellow guardsmen like to eat, a restaurant in Barcelona that focuses on ‘Pan Con Tomate’ (tomato with bread), and the week’s culinary headlines…


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Grapes of wrath

Tuesday 24 February

A knowledgeable sommelier can enhance not only the ingredients on your plate but the dining experience as a whole. So why are some simply trying to sell pricier bottles of wine? Monocle’s Josh Fehnert isn’t buying it.

Everyone knows a little about wine, they have a few favoured grapes; they know why they don’t like chardonnay and what goes best with their main course. But beyond this the fascinating – call it intoxicating – world of…


The Menu, 175

Friday 20 February

We investigate the rapidly growing gin industry in Victoria, British Columbia. Plus beer from the slums of Rio de Janeiro and a German entrepreneur who wants to change the way we buy our local produce.


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