September 2014

The New Entrepreneurs — and how you can join their ranks. Finish the plan, find the funding, and finally do the thing you love. Learn how in Monocle's Annual Guide to the changing world of good work.


July/August 2014

Escape, retreat, enjoy: the best places to live in the world. From metropolis to mountain – the planners, thinkers and campaigners building better places to call home. Includes: Monocle’s top 25 cities


Affairs / Society

This jip is up

Dancing can lead to prostitution, according to a 1948 Japanese law. Though the police largely ignored said law for years, they have recently started raiding nightclubs and prosecuting owners who don’t have a licence, tur…

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Affairs / Urbanism

Quality streets

A few subtle changes to the metrics, a handful of grand projects coming to fruition and a sprinkling of ambitious City Halls – this year’s Quality of Life Survey has seen some big changes. For the first time there are…

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June 2014

Strap in, sit back & settle in: getting the world back on track. The rising design stars and the new transport hot spots that are charting a course for a new world of mobility — a Monocle Special

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