March 2015

Japan-o-rama: can cute and kooky kick-start team Nippon again? Does Japan want to be taken seriously or will it become the Italy of Asia (a bit too slow for real global success)? A Monocle Special Report


Business / Craft

Inking ahead

A national pride – or some might say obsession – with the handwritten has forged an industry exporting more than ever. With innovation showing no signs of letting up, we visited the sharpest tools in the pencil case.


February 2015

The art of hospitality: reap what you sew (and bake, make and brew). The basics of being a good host: start in the home or a well-equipped Finnish classroom. Monocle gets a few lessons from battle-hardened GMs and some charming ambassadors. A new Monocle special.


Business / Fashion

Fashion police

Japanese clothing retailer Beams has its very own ‘internal affairs’ styling department, dedicated to helping shop staff find their personal look and inspire customers. It also believes in practising the perfect bow. This…


December 2014/January 2015

From soft power to film beds: top nations, hotels and design. Monocle gets out its clipboard and sharpens its pencil to rank the key players in everything from diplomacy to aviation - a Monocle special


November 2014

Build a better life: meet the world's new homemakers. Stop dreaming, start digging! From brick to bath, a 48-page guide to good houses, cosy rooms and well-planned projects – a Monocle special


Business / Transport

Bullet time

The romance of the rails captures the imagination but travellers still demand efficiency and comfort on the move. Monocle visits industry fair InnoTrans for the latest technologies and innovations keeping the transport on…


October 2014

The ambassador will see you now — the art of modern diplomacy. Behind the scenes at the UN, embassy battles in the Pacific and Sweden's soft-power retail players, all in our Monocle Special


September 2014

The New Entrepreneurs — and how you can join their ranks. Finish the plan, find the funding, and finally do the thing you love. Learn how in Monocle's Annual Guide to the changing world of good work.


Business / Craft

All hands on deck

Traditional gulet vessels built in Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula have long kept the region’s economy afloat. But changes in the market have led many to fear for the future of the boat-making skills that have been passed down…

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