December 2014/January 2015

From soft power to film beds: top nations, hotels and design. Monocle gets out its clipboard and sharpens its pencil to rank the key players in everything from diplomacy to aviation - a Monocle special


November 2014

Build a better life: meet the world's new homemakers. Stop dreaming, start digging! From brick to bath, a 48-page guide to good houses, cosy rooms and well-planned projects – a Monocle special


October 2014

The ambassador will see you now — the art of modern diplomacy. Behind the scenes at the UN, embassy battles in the Pacific and Sweden's soft-power retail players, all in our Monocle Special


September 2014

The New Entrepreneurs — and how you can join their ranks. Finish the plan, find the funding, and finally do the thing you love. Learn how in Monocle's Annual Guide to the changing world of good work.


Design / Fashion

Made to last

With whole towns in Italy dedicated to producing a single item, be it eyewear, silk or shoes, it’s clear why the big names in fashion continue to rely on the expertise of the country’s specialised craftsmen.

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July/August 2014

Escape, retreat, enjoy: the best places to live in the world. From metropolis to mountain – the planners, thinkers and campaigners building better places to call home. Includes: Monocle’s top 25 cities


Design / Urbanism

Up close

It’s often the little things that leave a lasting impression when visiting a new city. From flickering neon lights in Portugal to beautifully painted manholes in Japan, Monocle picks out 10 unique and memorable city details…

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Design / Society

Let's get together

Cities work when they let people meet, hang out and sit; they are less about the buildings than the bits in between. Monocle cracks open a chilled beer and embarks on a global tour to enjoy the best outdoor spaces for…

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June 2014

Strap in, sit back & settle in: getting the world back on track. The rising design stars and the new transport hot spots that are charting a course for a new world of mobility — a Monocle Special

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