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Homely heroine

— Japan


Harumi Kurihara is an unlikely celebrity, a down-to-earth housewife at heart who has hit the big time with her cookbooks, TV shows and chain of cafés and restaurants. Meet Japan’s unassuming answer to Martha Stewart.

Business, Cookery, Entertainment, Television

In almost all respects, Harumi Kurihara is the model of the Japanese shufu or housewife. She keeps a lovely house, her kitchen is the heart of her home and she goes to the supermarket with a keen eye for the freshest ingredients. One small difference though: this unassuming – and unbelievably youthful – 65-year-old has sold 23 million cookbooks, has 54 shops selling her range of utensils and homeware and runs 12 cafés and restaurants. She is a regular on television and publishes a quarterly magazine that sells 800,000 copies a year.

Harumi Kurihara…


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