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The passing of the festive season for another year doesn’t mean that gifts and alcohol should be shunned until December. Make a present to yourself of, say, some unique kitchenware or organic soap, kick back with a glass of something warming and wish yourself a very merry February.

Cosmetics, Food & drink, Gifts, Kitchenware, Soaps

  1. Tangent GC - Denim wash
    Supermarket detergents are full of corrosive chemicals, which is why David Samuelsson and Johan Görgård came up with laundry products made solely from natural ingredients. “We use organic and biodegradable ingredients fragranced with essential oils,” says Samuelsson. Following the successful launch of Tangent’s textile shampoo last February, the latest product to launch is a denim wash to soften stiff new jeans.
  2. Le Baigneur - Soaps
    The name Le Baigneur – French for “bather” — is inspired by depictions of the…

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