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A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.

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We analyse the drone strike that killed US and Italian civilians, learn what threat volcanic ash really poses to airlines and celebrate 50 years of Brazilian broadcaster Globo.

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902 24 Apr 2015

Friday 24 April: 

We analyse the drone strike that killed US and Italian civilians, learn what threat volcanic ash really poses to airlines and celebrate 50 years of Brazilian broadcaster Globo.

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901 23 Apr 2015

Thursday 23 April: 

We look at the defence deals going on between major powers that could shape the future of the Ukraine conflict. Plus we learn why Spain and Venezuela have stopped seeing eye to eye and discuss Copenhagen’s new-found love for food foraging.

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900 22 Apr 2015

Wednesday 22 April: 

We pick through the conflicting reports on Yemen, hear from 'Politico' editor in chief John F Harris about its launch in Europe and learn about the EU's challenge to energy giant Gazprom.

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899 21 Apr 2015

Tuesday 21 April: 

We learn about the fate of the jailed former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, discover why Venezuela is in China's pocket and get the latest on the Mediterranean migration crisis.

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898 20 Apr 2015

Monday 20 April: 

We look at the Italian media’s reaction to last weekend’s migrant disaster in the Mediterranean, learn about the new US defence secretary’s interest in Silicon Valley and look back at Monocle’s Quality of Life conference in Lisbon.

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897 17 Apr 2015

Friday 17 April: 

As Azerbaijan warms up to host the inaugural European Games this summer, we discuss the conviction of a leading rights defender there. Plus we hear about new ‘country’ Liberland – proclaimed independent by a Czech national – between Serbia and Croatia and the latest business stories from Bloomberg News, plus a look ahead to luxury event DeLux15 in Sydney.

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896 16 Apr 2015

Thursday 16 April: 

As representatives of Libya’s rival parliaments meet for UN-brokered peace talks, we ask what chances there are for solving the crisis of governance in the broken North African state. Plus we ask why Japan is scrambling fighter jets at near-unprecedented levels, hear about Norway’s plan to switch off FM radio and leaf through the North American front pages.

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895 15 Apr 2015

Wednesday 15 April: 

We discuss the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Lübeck to discuss the world’s conflicts and America’s planned removal of Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism and ask whether our skies are safer. Plus we hear about Moomins on the Riviera and leaf through the Latin American front pages.

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894 14 Apr 2015

Tuesday 14 April: 

With Japan and South Korea holding the first high-level security talks for more than five years, we discuss the meeting’s significance. We also hear about US concerns over Russia lifting a ban on delivering a defence missile system to Iran and get a taster from Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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893 13 Apr 2015

Monday 13 April: 

With Hillary Clinton finally making her bid for the presidency official, we look at how the face of American politics might be about to change. We also look at Sudan as it goes to the polls, a meeting between the Russian and Palestinian leaders and Tyler Brûlé at the Salone del Mobile.

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892 10 Apr 2015

Friday 10 April: 

We discuss the ongoing thaw in US-Cuba relations after their foreign ministers meet and their leaders prepare to mingle at the Summit of the Americas. Plus we discuss the latest criticisms of China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea, leaf through the day’s South American papers and round up the latest business stories from Bloomberg News.

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891 9 Apr 2015

Thursday 9 April: 

With India’s Narendra Modi on a three-nation economic charm offensive, we ask what’s to come from the prime minister’s international jaunt. We also discuss the controversial rise of a nationalist political leader in Ukraine's military and a family rift rocking France’s far right. Plus it's big business but how fashionable can so-called 'athleisure' wear really be?

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