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Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.

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We analyse Barack Obama’s speech at the African Union in Ethiopia, learn why Boston has pulled out of the race to host the Olympic games and hear how Rio has restarted its tram system.

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967 28 Jul 2015

Tuesday 28 July: 

We analyse Barack Obama’s speech at the African Union in Ethiopia, learn why Boston has pulled out of the race to host the Olympic games and hear how Rio has restarted its tram system.

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966 27 Jul 2015

Monday 27 July: 

We look at Turkey’s intentions for dealing with IS, hear about a Greek plan to reinstall the Drachma and learn why a Kentucky distillery is playing music to its brandy.

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965 24 Jul 2015

Friday 24 July: 

We discuss the US’s involvement with Turkey’s fight against Isis, enjoy our weekly look at cinema of days gone by and get the top stories from the Asian front pages.

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964 23 Jul 2015

Thursday 23 July: 

We analyse the bidding race that saw Nikkei acquire the ‘Financial Times’, learn why John Kerry has a fight on his hands to convince the US of the merits of the Iran nuclear deal and look back on the career of US radio icon Garrison Keillor.

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963 22 Jul 2015

Wednesday 22 July: 

We hear about the political fallout after the terror attack in Turkey on Monday, debate the merits of a new logo to celebrate 150 years of Canada’s existence and get the latest stories from across the Asian newspapers.

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962 21 Jul 2015

Tuesday 21 July: 

We ask whether cracks are beginning to show already in the deal that has decided Iran’s nuclear future, learn why a Ukrainian filmmaker is on trial in Russia and find out how to run a huge organisation such as Toshiba or Fifa ethically.

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961 20 Jul 2015

Monday 20 July: 

We look at the motivations behind Isis’s bombing of Turkey today, learn why Mitsubishi has apologised to US POWs 70 years after using them for slave labour and decipher a new Iranian hip-hop take on nuclear energy.

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960 17 Jul 2015

Friday 17 July: 

We take a look at the corruption scandal engulfing Brazilian politics and leaf through the day’s Asian front pages. Plus: Monocle’s Ben Rylan indulges in his weekly look at the kookier side of cinema

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959 16 Jul 2015

Thursday 16 July: 

We question what kind of economic opportunities are opening for Iran after its nuclear deal with western powers, learn why one of New York’s best-loved toy shops is closing and find out about chocolate makers in San Francisco.

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958 15 Jul 2015

Wednesday 15 July: 

We look at how Japan’s military will progress after its role is expanded, ask whether Dominique Strauss-Kahn has an economic or political future and learn why the Slovenian band Laibach is headed to North Korea.

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957 14 Jul 2015

Tuesday 14 July: 

We discuss Iran’s nuclear future, learn why Russian military planes are crashing with such regularity and get the latest architecture top stories.

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956 13 Jul 2015

Monday 13 July: 

We discuss the latest from Athens on Greece’s new bailout, learn about the changing face of journalism across Africa and hear why architectural and social progress in Detroit comes at a heavy cost.

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